Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Time to catch up.

Woopsies! I didn't realize it had been almost a month since I've posted. I guess I've been too busy. :(

Well, we had a fabulous Halloween. We participated in our neighborhood's Halloween parade with the fire dept. located just up the street. I took them to their first Halloween party at one of my friends house and then we Trick-or-Treated! They loved it.

We've been getting ready for birthday's and the upcoming holidays already. Can you believe the quads will be one in less than two weeks?? YIKES! They are learning so much, so fast. Jack and Emma are crawling, Maddox and Parker are starting to figure it out. The try to scoot forward, so that's progres! They love pancakes. The weather has been so nice out lately. Yesterday was 74 degrees, so we went to the zoo. Yes, I took all 5 kids to the zoo by myself. They are so well behaved that it really isn't hard. We had a blast. Drew loved the cheetahs. We didn't get to see them last time we were there because they were hiding. Yesterday there were three laying about 50 feet from us. I was surprised at how small they really are. I was thinking they were as big as the tigers.

I'm really excited for Christmas. Not so much about the presents and the shopping but about getting really cute pictures. I know, such a MOM THING TO SAY! Hahahaha. I know the babies will be into the tree like crazy, but it's going to be fun. They were all still in the NICU last year. It will be nice to spend our holidays here at home (our new home) as a family. :)

Hugs to all!

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