Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Monday, March 5, 2012

Just Send Lysol!

There's been a reason for me not blogging. It includes kids, buckets, lysol, kleenex, antibiotics, and tylenol. Did I mention Lysol??? UGH! Brian and I have been up to our eyeballs in vomit, snot and fevers. These germs are not taking the hint to scram either. Poor Drew has missed a ridiculous amount of school this quarter, as have I trying to take care of everyone. Emma and Maddox seem to have taken a hit with the germs too. Parker and Jack have been more cranky than anything.

We've not done much other than clean. We did go to a St. Patricks day party at one of Drew's classmates house. It was fun, and green. Drew brought home Clifford on Friday. Clifford is the class pet and he gets to go home with a friend every couple days. While we had him over the weekend we read stories in Drew's bed, played Wii, and went to J.B.'s house. We tried to make him look as green as possible, but he is pretty red. :)

Hope you're all staying healthy, we are slowly getting there. SLOWLY!

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