Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Squad Member Breaks Out!!


We were excited to bring Parker home yesterday, but sad to leave the rest of the squad. They are doing great there in the NICU. Emma will hopefully come home on Sunday to join her brothers here.

Parker had a good first night. I was up twice during the night with him. He slept well and woke me when it was time to play at 7:15. He also woke Drew up for play time. Drew was happy to see Parker. He doesn't really say much to him or bother him. He would rather play with Daddy and chase him around the house as he gets ready to leave for work.

We will let you know when Emma, Jack, and Maddox come home. Hopefully it will be soon. Spliting time between home and the NICU is very challenging. Let me know when anyone can come help. I'm always willing to take volunteers.



Anonymous said...

Welcome home Parker!!! How awesome that the babies are starting to arrive home! I'm sure you will all be very busy, but you will love having them all home!

Peace and Love,

The Ziegler Family

The Murray Crew said...

Soooooo excited for you all! They sailed through the NICU with flying colors! It's amazing!
Let us know how we can support you best in the days ahead.
Much LOVE!
The Murray Quads