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Beach Fun

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Time flies and time stands still.

Parker has been home almost a month. It has been wonderful having him here. We realize what a superstar he is. He had tough challenges and came through them with flying colors. Maddox, Emma, and Jack are still in the NICU. They still have some hurdles to jump over. We hope they will be home soon as this is feeling like forever.

Maddox and Jack are all over the charts with their eating percenteges. They need to eat 100% of their feedings three days in a row before they can come home. Both boys have improved dramatically, however; it seems like an eternity has passed for them to be working on eating.

Emma has been eating like a champ. We thought she was coming home with Parker, but when she developed reflux that all changed. She has been on two different medications and I don't see a difference. She spits up and chokes on it or it stops in her esophogus and blocks her airway. When this happens her alarms go off and she has to start her 7 day alarm free period all over. We are glad that she is still in a safe environment for this to be occurring, but it's very frustrating for us because we want her home. I can't speak for Brian, but I am so frustrated about the situation I'd like to scream and yell. I've been hearing the same thing for almost four weeks and it seems like there isn't much being done, other than watching her. I honestly don't think I can sit and watch her for two or three more weeks until they decide if they should do something else. As a parent, I think it's a bit ridiculous.

On another Emma note: We have found her anterior soft spot has prematurely closed. This means her forehead can't expand and can cause pressure on her brain if left untreated. She has a follow-up appt. with the neuro surgeon in a few weeks. He will most likely do surgery when she is around 4 months of age to open it back up. She is going to need lots of prayers, so send them her way.

I hope to have them all here soon so we can be a family and all under the same roof. Until then I won't be happy.

Send cheers and prayers.
Love to all!!


Kimberly & Alex said...

oh sara, i so get what you're saying. it is so frustrating to have them just hanging out and growing in nicu. i wish i could say something to make your time go faster. just know that they WILL COME HOME someday soon and then you can rejoice in your entire family being under one roof!

Anonymous said...

Love and prayers to the Scott Family! I can only imagine how tough it is for you to wonder each day when the babies will come home. Stay strong momma! I'm sending a big "pound, pound, peace sign out" to you right now! Love you lots!

The Ziegler Family

Andy and Lisa said...

I am so very sorry Sara! I wish I had words of comfort to help you through this time. Ours were separated, and then Carolyn came home too soon and had to be admitted 36 hours after she came home. It's a hard time having babies in the NICU and at home. We are praying for you and your family right now!