Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I can see! (Emma update)

Wow, is all I can say. Emma has been a trooper. She came out of surgery, blew up like a ballon, and is home playing like nothing ever happened. Her right eye is open about 90%, and her left eye is about 50% open. She let me wash her hair last night and didn't even flinch. She doesnt quite look herself yet, but shes happy, home and doing well.

Drew and the boys are happy Emma is home. They did come to the hospital to visit. Drew told me this morning; as we were leaving Target he wanted to go home to get Emma. He's so sweet and quite protective of her. Makes me giggle.

Brian and I are doing good. Still trying to finish painting so our realtor can get pictures up to sell our shoe box. We are getting close,it just seems to take forever. I guess I should expect that with five kiddos!! If anyone wants to paint or come play I'm available.


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Anonymous said...

Wow is right! All of you have been such troopers and have shown such strength and courage through everything! Sending happy thoughts and prayers your way!

The Ziegler's