Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Friday, October 8, 2010

Getting Settled.

We are 95% unpacked! We have a few items left but plan on spending the weekend with the kiddos and nothing else. We plan on going a few places and are probably going to want to drop by the time we get home. I guess that's life!!

We took the kids fall pictures this week. It was so nice outside we couldn't resist. They turned out really good, I was shocked. It's not everyday these guys sit still for more than a milisecond! Jack is crawling, Emma is super close to crawling. Parker is rolling like crazy and Maddox rolls until runs into someone or something then laughs histerically. Drew is good. He's learning how to share his big boy toys. It's been tough. Sometimes he gives the babies the line "that's Drew's, it's a no-no." I love my life!!

Brian and I are loving the new house with all this space. It's more to clean, but I'm no longer triping over bouncy seats, blankets, or toys. Just mobile babies!! Work has kept us from really spending much time together, but it's totally worth it right now. We are doing what we have to so our kids can have everything they deserve.

I'm going to bed....CAUSE I'M POOPED! (Imagine that!!)


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