Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Saturday, September 25, 2010

It's too loud!

We moved! Yup and still managing to keep ourselves sane. The kids took the move well....I guess. Moving day was the longest day of my life. The kiddos got up at 7:30 and we never looked back. They managed to skip naps and make it to bed late. Our first day here was the second longest day of my life. CRANKY PANTS EVERYWHERE!! So today was our third day was not too bad. Drew is bored, and the babies well...they are starting to entertain themselves. My goal tomorrow is to unpack toys.

We did go for a walk in the neighborhood today. We only saw half of it. It's beautiful when your not driving and multi-tasking. I met a few more of the neighbors. They are wonderful. One of them brought brownies. YAY! Drew loves the yard. It will be a little better once we get his swingset over here. That should be the only thing left at the old house....other than Kiersten Mae; his best friend.

Since we've moved we've had quite a few laughs. First off, Drew was talking about his birthday....not something Brian and I have brought up. He said he wants a swimming party. Pretty do-able...I think. The babies like water and Drew is part fish. So tonight as Brian and I were putting together the china cabinet we hear Drew say "Lets sing the birthday song!" He never did sing it, but he kept on about his birthday. By the way it's still 3 months away.

Brian and I decided that for the evening we would turn off the chime sound for the alarm. I take Drew to bed and come down to Brian pressing buttons. (It's 11:30pm) He pressed the wrong button and all you hear is the alarm in PANIC MODE. Neither of us knew the code....Thank goodness in was shuffled in the paperwork we had from closing. Luckily no one has called the cops and shown up. I'm thinking the SOLD sign in the front yard saved us. Trust me we now know the code. :)

Hopefully new house pics to come. I need to unpack the mountains of stuff out in the garage.

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