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Beach Fun

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Were 9 months old!!

I remember thinking last year at this time that I would be busy with babies. I didn't think I would be this busy though. I'm about to start making notes in my planner to remember to do the laundry and the dishes!

This month is going to be super busy. We have the pediatrician, Pulmonologist, Nephrologist, Developmental Specialist, new house closing, moving, a trip to Wisconsin, and work in between. YIKES! I am feeling a bit torn on keeping the appt. with the Developmental Specialist. I understand why we do need to see him, but I don't agree with it. My children were born 11 weeks early, they are behind developmentally. I don't see any signs of any severe conditions, and they all have therapy through First Steps. We see our pedi for their scheduled check ups. I guess I'm saying I don't feel the need to pay 8 separate co-pays (one for each child for the Specialist, and one for each child to see the therapist on his staff). Plus, they do standardized testing on the babies. It's completely unnecessary and invaild in my eyes. My children aren't expected to catch up until age 3...why waste my time and money when I know where they are developmentally? Tell me what you think, I'd like to know how some of you feel about this.

Drew spent last week with Grandma and Papa; he had a blast. Brian said he kept cracking up. Drew would come and sit on his lap and look at him and say "Daddy, you're cute, I love you!" You can tell what Grandma was telling him all week. :)
He has been quite hilarious this week. Drew told me last night "Good grief Mommy".
He also told me that Daddy drove fast in Mommy's car on the way to the park yesterday....I love the things he says. He's too cute.

We visit the pedi tomorrow so I will try to give baby info soon.


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Usagani Triplets said...

I assume the First Steps program is similar to the Developmental Pathways program here in Denver. It's a free program where we have a PT come once a week to work with the girls. I have never even heard of a developmental specialist. I'm certainly no expert, but if you trust your PT, it seems like that should be sufficient. Mine is great, and she's very much in tune with their development - as is the pediatrician. I sure wouldn't want to pay co-pays for a developmental specialist. That's my 2 cents.