Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Lysol me!

I feel cold and flu season coming in full force. I was hoping it would wait a little longer considering it's been so hot. It started with me, now Drew has it, and it won't be long before everyone else has it. Drew was in bed this morning and said "Mommy I have a boo boo in my mouth". I knew right away...he had a hoarse voice and was kind of whinning about it. We got out the flashlight and sure enough his throat was red. We went to take a shower and snot poured out of his poor little nose. A dose of tylenol and two movies later he is still on the couch.

Emma and Jack are both about to crawl. Jack has been able to get on all fours now for a few weeks but hasn't figured out how to coordinate his hands and legs. Emma just figured it all out last night. She was sitting next to me and rolled over to her belly. Pushed up on all fours and then started rocking. She was laughing histerically. It will be interesting to see who really figures it out first.

Brian and I are gearing up for the big move. I have been trying to hold off on cleaning out the kids wardrobes and just doing it while we are moving. It's only 12 days away! With the rain today I really struggled to find something that was warm enough. Guess I need to be checking that 10 day forecast! I still have a bunch to pack, but putting it off as long as possible. It's strange being a procrastinator.

I will try to keep this updated but with this bug going through the house and the move it will be a challenge.

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