Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Well, the quads are now 1! They enjoyed their first birthday by eating Thanksgiving feast. Plates were emptied and then they enjoyed cake. What a yummy mess! They had a small party with just close family. We decided to have a bigger party with friends and distance family with Drew and the quads together.

We planned the party at the aquatic center. All the babies(except Jack) and Drew love the water. Jack likes water, but isn't as enthusiastic about it as the others. He would rather love on you! They had a blast. Drew is like a fish...he put on a life jacket and swam his way out to the 5 ft deep part of the pool. The babies sat in the zero depth part of the pool and splashed like no tomorrow! What a blast we all had.

We put up the Christmas tree and it's still standing!! Yay. We've had a few minor issues....Parker and Maddox! Parker is drawn to a big red sparkly ornament and Maddox likes the silver one next to it.

We've been busy swapping out infant toys with some 12 month toys. The babies are starting to pull up on things so it's time to get big toys out. It's been great telling them things and they correctly follow directions. My babies are GENIUS!!

I believe nap is over....I hear babies!


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Kari said...

Glad they had a good birthday! Our tree is still standing too! Ben reminded me there are still 3 weeks until Christmas though!