Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Friday, September 23, 2011

Total Failures.

I have to admit, Brian and I crashed and burned this past week. It started out with my alarm going off at 6am. All is going well. I get ready and leave for work. Around 8am I get a text from Brian telling me his alarm didn't go off. Sure, tell yourself that....I have watched him many times accidentally turn it off instead of hitting snooze. Needless to say, Drew missed school. On top of that we already had sick, wheezing quads who had an appointment with our pedi. Cold and flu season can't already be here. We aren't off to a very good start.

Tuesday comes around and it was just busy. Everyone was cranky, I had a meeting and worked late. TIME FOR BED! Wednesday I again, get up and leave for work. I receive a call at school...ITS BRIAN! Apparently he ignored me when I said "Put both our car keys on your key ring." This would make it so we each have a set for both our vehicles. He has no keys for the Acadia to take Drew to school. Luckily our neighbor was home sick from work. He graciously let Brian take Drew to school in his car and he watched the babies. I brought Drew home to find later in the afternoon that his right ear is twice the size of his left. UGH!

Thursday, woo-hoo! Friday is almost here. I worked two extra days this week for some extra cash. I was told by the pediatricians office staff to take Drew to urgent care for his ear. OK, so I call Brian and tell him he needs to take Drew in. Lets just say, sometimes it's easier said than done. We have Drew seen and he gets antibiotics. Thank goodness, it's bedtime!

Today has been a bit more relaxed. I worked, took the kids outside to play, made dinner, did dishes, and did two loads of laundry. Not to mention UPDATE THE BLOG! Ha! Lots to do this weekend. My sister Stacy gets married next weekend so I need to get it done. My parents are coming on Wednesday and it will be super busy from there on out. I'm so excited and so scared I'm gonna forget something. Time to make a list. First, maybe a snooze in my bed.

:) Sara

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