Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Follow the Yellow Brick Road.

Batman, Robin, Batgirl and the cast from the Wizard of Oz hit the yellow brick road to collect candy on Halloween. It was a little chilly, but so much fun to see all the costumes. The quads dressed as Tin Man (Maddox), Scarecrow (Jack), Lion (Parker) and Dorothy (Emma). Drew went as Batman, Brian dressed as Robin and I of course Batgirl. I felt a little ridiculous dressing up, but I guess it's all in good fun. It's going to be hard to top these cute costumes next year.

Brian and I decided this week we were going to enroll the kids in daycare. We decided it was going to be in their best interest socially. They went with us to tour the facility today and seemed really excited. They had puzzles, climbers, blocks, stacking toys and more. They even cleaned up after themselves. The assistant director was impressed. They were all complimented on their behavior and their cuteness! I'm definetly one proud mama. :)

I'm gearing up for birthdays and holidays. It's hard to believe my babies are going to be two in three weeks. Where has the time gone?? It is exactly two years ago today I was put in the hospital on bedrest until they were born. Brian planned a trip to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving and the quads birthday. I'm so excited. We haven't been able to spend Thanksgiving with my family in 10 years due to Brian's work schedule. I LOVE HIS NEW JOB! We got circus tickets for the kids birthdays. I'm so excited to take them to their first circus. Stacy and Nick are going with us, I know they are thrilled too. I'm not sure what Santa will bring. With the kids in daycare it really puts a strain on Santa's shopping cart. Hoping for some sweet deals, pass them along if you hear of any deals coming up. It's crazy to think I will have five kids in my Christmas tree in less than a month. I thought I yelled a lot with them pushing buttons on the tv, it's gonna be a whole lot worse. YIKES!

Time for bed,, this mama is wiped out. TOO MUCH LAUNDRY! Just kidding, too much play time today!

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