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Beach Fun

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Getting Roughed Up.

To start this post let me say WHAT A WILD MONTH!

I started the month off with a cold. The kids were soon to follow with round one of meds for November. We all came through that and then came the flu. Thankfully Emma was the only one to have it. Now this week PNEUMONIA! All four boys have it. Emma is doing ok so far. She has a little cough but no fever, or loss of appetite. JUST SASSYPANTS! We arrived home from our fabulous trip to Wisconsin only to get here and have me take off to the ER with Maddox. His heart was racing and he was having a hard time breathing. He just makes me so nervous considering his history. His lungs were not crackling, but the doctor actually listened to what I was saying. He ordered a chest xray and it was confirmed. :( They started him on steroids and sent us home with meds. Brian decided to stay home with him on Monday. Only to find Drew had also become sick. He stayed home too while everyone else headed to daycare. Today I took the quads to daycare (after we of course checked temps) to arrive at work to be called home immediately. The boys all had temps and Parker and Jack were passed out in the front office. I picked up Drew and Maddox and headed back to the ER for them to confirm Drew's case and check Maddox's hydration levels. When I returned to get the rest of the squad I realized Jack and Parker too needed meds. Lets just say I'm ready for the month to end. November has been tough. I feel like I haven't been to work.

Speaking of work...I'm going back to work full time. I'm happy to be going back to help feed the squad and pay our bills, but at the same time, I feel like my kids are going to grow faster and I'm going to miss a lot of fun things. I mean, they just turned two last week. I can't believe they are two!! I'm not ready for them to grow up. It's strange how I've been really excited for Drew to do all these fun big boy things and hate to see my quads doing them. Don't get me wrong, no more babies here, I'm just shocked at how fast time has gone.

It's all quiet upstairs, I think I will join in the peace and quiet.
Good night!!!

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