Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Sunday, August 26, 2012


This sounds just like the Brady Bunch. Although with seven of us in the house, we are kinda similar. HEHE! If only I had Alice! With five kids I have tons of balls flying around this place. Balls for ball pit, kickballs, soccer balls, baseballs, basketballs, super balls, prickly sensory balls, exercise balls, and golf balls. Oh and one more....TWO BEACH BALLS! Seriously....I can't fit anymore in this house. I like to think that I run a tight ship here and tell the kids we play with them outside or in the basement. Ususally the rules are followed. I have on occassion played in the hallway with the kids. Drew started soccer a few weeks ago and has been doing pretty good. (As in he's improving). Brian and I have been working with him at home. I played outside with him this past week and the previous weekend. Brian, however, comes home from the store this evening with a soccer goal and sets up in the living room. GEESH! I come down from taking a shower and they are playing one on one. They at least moved the coffee table, so I guess I shouldn't complain. Either Brian and his brothers were really sneaky playing ball in the house when they were kids or Brian knew I was still to sick to care.
In other news in the house, I've been filling out Preschool evaluation forms for the boys. Emma is going to be a typical peer in my good friends Preschool class, and the boys will be tested for Developmental Preschool here in Avon. I'm not sure they all will qualify but it doesn't hurt to check it out. They are all doing amazing for being 28 weekers. If the boys don't qualify they will join Emma or rotate days in the Preschool in my good friends class. We all went back to school two weeks ago. The kids have adjusted well. Drew is doing great in Prek. He loves his teacher and friends. He's beginning to read. I pulled out a book the other day and he said it's Inside, Outside, Upside Down. I about fell over. It's not one we read often. Usually it's Sheep In A Jeep! Maddox, Parker, Emma and Jack really like that one too. If you don't have it-GET IT!! Target for $10. Not much else going on, we've been busy with soccer, school, and sleep. Time for sleep now, everyone sleep tight!!

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Jenna said...

Hi My name is Jenna
Your kids are beautiful princess handsome prince’s, cute blessings, special earthly angels, and precious gifts and miracles. Sounds like your boys are fighters, and hero's and they have been ever since they were born. That's awesome that Drew is in soccer.
I was born with a rare life threatening disease, developmental delays, and 14 other medical conditions.

Here is a new poem I wrote, it’s called it takes courage:
It Takes courage to love
Like a dove
It takes courage to fight,
It takes courage to do what’s right
It takes courage to stay strong,
When things go wrong
It takes courage to write a song
It takes courage to live
It takes courage to give
It takes courage to fight this beast
It takes courage to be brave
It takes courage to smile and wave
It takes courage to keep positive
Keep on fighting!
It takes courage to win!