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Beach Fun

Monday, October 8, 2012

Scott Family Update: House Fire

Where to start?? The Story: A normal Friday night turned into a Saturday morning nightmare. I tucked the kids in bed and Brian decided to stay up late and get some work done. He luckily fell asleep on the couch. Around 3am he heard Bailey (our dog) scratching at the door in the garage. Before Brian could fully wake up and realize what she was upset about our smoke alarms had begun to go off. As I started to walk out of our bedroom I could see and smell the smoke. Brian yelled to me that we needed to get the kids and get out. I remember grabbing my phone and running to get Drew and Emma. I don't recall Brian running by me to get the boys, but I remember seeing him holding all three with blankets at the top of the stairs. As I called 911 and seeing my kids shaking in the cold I began to panic. Thankfully one of our neighbors heard our security alarm blasting along with the smoke alarms. We got the kids inside just as the fire department arrived. I'm also glad we had visited the fire station a few times this summer. My kids were so brave! Unfortunately Bailey didn't survive the fire. We are saddened that she is no longer with us, but thankful she was able to alert Brian enough for him to realize we were in danger. We took her to be creamated and will bring her back to our family on Thursday. We have been put in a hotel near the Indianapolis Airport as our house has been slated to take 3-4 months to repair. As we were walking with the restoration emergency crew today we found more soot than expected and 5 inches of standing water in our basement. They managed to pump out the water and get the electricity back on to dry out the basement and start to deodorize the top two floors. I believe they also started to take out some of the drywall in the garage. A drycleaning company came to the house and took everything that had cloth material on it and put it in storage to be cleaned and tested for toxins. They called it ozoned! We were able to put some clothes on speed clean. We should have those things back in 4 days. We will not get the rest of the salvagable clothing items back until we move back into the house. The only other things we were allowed to take were jewelery and money. Everything else is inspected and put where it needs to go (trash or in for serious cleaning!). I will keep everyone up to date as possible in this process. As for the kids and Brian and I, we are doing the best we can. We are trying to keep the same routines and keep it normal as possible. The kids know our house is "broken". Drew has been back since the fire, but the quads have not. Drew is quite upset about Bailey. He has already asked for her to come back and he has asked for a new dog. I'm not sure we are ready for that. Maybe another year or two. We will see! I know some of you have inquired about donating funds through a paypal account. A very special friend of mine has set one up for us! If you would like to donate here are the instructions. Go to, scroll down to where it says transfer funds. Click on it! It will ask you to enter your email and ours. Our email for this account is: It will then prompt you for an amount. Click continue. It will ask you if you want to transfer or pay by credit card. Enter your info and follow prompts. It will send you a reciept and me a text. All funds will go towards our family needs and clothing. I'm going to try to rest now, as it's been a very rough day and I'm EXHAUSTED. Thank you to EVERYONE for all your support and prayers. We couldn't be more blessed even when times are hard. Love to all Sara, Brian and our sweet angels!

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