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Beach Fun

Monday, December 3, 2012

We'll Be Home For Christmas!!

That's right...when I spoke with the contractor this afternoon he said we SHOULD be in by December 21st!! I signed over a check for our flooring from the insurance company and he was working on getting the cabinets finished. Almost the entire house is painted and just needs a second coat in some rooms and touch ups when it's completely finished. They still have to paint the boys room and the garage but it's looking good. Since it's been so nice we were able to take the kids over to the house and we played in the backyard. The kids loved being home. They hated to leave and explaining to them we couldn't stay there for a few more weeks was difficult. We are all ready to be back home. We were able to get Lego, our new puppy out of the hotel and introduce him to our backyard. He seemed to like it. We are gearing up for the holidays. Shopping is almost 100% complete. Stocking stuffers are always a last minute purchase and of course I'm not done shopping for my handsome hubby. Hoping he buys some good things for me. HINT, HINT! Drew's school program is this week. I'm very excited to see him perform. Last year he was goofy and well....I wanted to hide. Other than the holiday and house excitement, Brian and I found out we are going to be Aunt Sara and Uncle Brian. My sister Stacy and her husband Nick are expecting their first baby in June. We are thrilled! The quads have all been enrolled in Preschool. Emma and Parker love it. Jack and Maddox start tomorrow. It's going to be interesting with Maddox. He's so stubborn. Hoping he shapes up! I fear that we will be good friends with the principal once he starts at Saint Susanna next year. Well, this might be the last post from "the box", I need to finish Christmas cards...or maybe even start them. :) XOXO

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Suzy said...

Home for Christmas! YAY!!!