Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Truths About Being a Parent to Quads Plus!

I'm so proud of myself for posting twice this month. Most of the time things get away from me! I know it's hard to imagine...I mean I do have my hands full. :) We took a family trip to the zoo last minute today. All Brian's idea. I was kinda excited he wanted to go out and have fun as a family. Usually family events make him nervous and raise his blood pressure 300 points. I know Brian is going to read this and get all worried, but in all truthfulness, I'm sure most fathers of large families have the same issue. He just doesn't get out all the time with them to realize it's ok to have some malfunctions on an outing. I've been there through it all. Age 1.5-2.5 were an absolute nightmare most times. We've made large improvements!! I've learned a lot in the past three and a half years of parenting multiples plus one. 1. You always get asked stupid questions. It doesn't matter where you are those questions will find's like a magnet and a fridge! 2. The choo-choo wagon always draws attention. It's like being a celebrity. 3. Your kids will never go to bed. Night owls!! Even if separated there is always the INSTIGATOR...they will unlock/lock doors. 4. The doctors office visits will always be a challenge. It's a small space with A LOT of bodies. Although our behavior there has improved. 5. Always buy bulk of EVERYTHING. What one has the others will ALWAYS want. 6. There is no point in trying to save money....there will never be enough. 7. Buy a home with a large backyard. It can be a sanity saver. 8. Always know where the closest Starbucks and/or liquor store are. Sleep deprivation and increased stress are a given. 9. Potty training requires lots of patience and laundry detergent/bleach/stain remover. 10. Make your own laundry will save about $300 a year. 11. I'm only skinny because I NEVER SIT DOWN, DON'T GET TO EAT A FULL MEAL, and have to run on the treadmill to de-stress! 12. My kids love kisses and snuggles all the time. I feel like I have leeches on me! 13. I know I'm not the only one who has failed at many things while parenting. 14. Sometimes dinner just looks like you are at the circus....this is when I drink my dinner! 15. No matter what my kids LOVE me. (EVEN ON THOSE ROUGH DAYS). I've learned a lot! I happen to be a very lucky mommy who has a very supportive husband. Raising our family is a challenge but I don't think I could us loving life any less chaotic. I know it's crazy, but our passion for our kids is unimaginable. :)

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Kari said...

Amen sista! Love you!