Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Monday, February 8, 2010

Our very first.....

We watched our very first Big Ten basketball game!

The quads are big fans like Brian and me of the Fighting Illini, if you can't already tell by their outfits. Papa Jack, Nama Susan, Uncle Randy and Aunt Georgann also came over in their Illini gear too. They had a good time holding the babies.

Things are going well with the babies being home. They sleep pretty well at night. We have them all on the same schedule. Drew loves them all. He loves helping with feedings, diapers, and of course playtime. They constantly get kisses from him.

Brian and I are completely exhausted...although we wouldn't change it for anything in the world. It's kinda funny when we find each other sleeping while holding a bottle at 2 A.M. This morning Brian managed to sleep and snore while burping Emma. I had no idea he could multi-task like that!!

If you ever want to visit, help out with things around the house, or babysit just call or email. We always need help.

Hugs to all.


Marianne said...

I'm glad things are going well and Drew is transitioning into his roll as big brother so well! What a relief that must be! And all 5 of your kids look SO cute in their Illini outfits :) Your story about Brian snoring and still burping Emma... that's beyond impressive! And they say men are horrible multitaskers ;)

I would love to help you out, either with the babies or around your house. I'm sure you have so much to do and so little time. My weekday availability is kind of limited (although I do have a few hours here and there), but my weekends are usually wide open. If this interests you, please email me at or, of course, facebook is always a good way to get ahold of me.

God Bless the 7 of you :)

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh...what a beautiful family! You are all so blessed! You will have great stories to share with your children about how exhausting it is and the funny things parents do when they get no sleep! Peace and lots of love to the Scott Family!


The Zieglers

Anonymous said...

Your little ones are adorable! What a fun time you must have had!

Kimberly & Alex said...

You have been nominated for the Beautiful Blog Award, please go to my blog and follow the instructions.