Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Turtle pace!

It doesn't feel like it's been two weeks already since we took Maddox to the ER. Time goes by so fast, but his recovery has been so slow.

He's been diagnosed with Human Meta Pneumo Virus which is like RSV. On top of that he developed a bacterial infection. The virus cleared soon after he was put on the ventilator, but the bacterial infection lasted a bit longer. Clearing only three days ago. It left his lungs quite stiff. He is improving, but very slowly. When I spoke to the Dr. this evening he said most children with MPV are on a vent anywhere between 5 days and 3 weeks. Because Maddox had a bacterial infection he is looking for it to be closer to 3 weeks. It's already been a week and a half. It's incredibly hard to go there and not be able to hold him. I think if I could just get my little hands on him, I would take him and run.

Everyone here at home is doing fine. We still have the rough patch at night between 10 and 12 where all Jack does is cry and puke. Looking forward to the days when he will stop having reflux. Emma and Parker seem to be getting better with it. Drew is silly as ever. We can't wait for summer. Drew and Brian blew up his bouncy house in the living room last night. It's huge!! He absolutely loved it.

Time to go, it's almost midnight and Jack (believe it or not) is still crying and puking. I think he just wants to cuddle!


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Alex said...

oh girl, just want you to know i'm thinking of you. hopeing for a fast recovery. and boy do i feel your pain with the reflux. mine did out grow it by 5 months tho. but it was a horrid puke-feast up until then. ugh