Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Looking better.

The squad is looking better! Quite fussy, but I'm going to blame it on the full moon. Is that crazy that I'm looking to blame things other than myself for my children's cranky pants?

Maddox is doing good. He has had a good day today, they turned down the pressures on the ventilator and he's holding his own. He even managed to poop three times for nurse Julie. His chest xrays look the same as they did yesterday, but he sounds better and his secretions from his lungs look better. The respiratory therapist said if all goes well through tonight they will turn the ventilator down again tomorrow and hopefully extubate him Thursday. We are praying he will be home before next Friday. Nama and Papa are coming with Aunt Jill B! We are excited; but I could imagine they are even more excited. Jill has not met the babies yet, and it's been since Christmas for Papa. Nama has seen them, but it's still been about 5-6 weeks.

Drew's doing good. He makes us laugh. Brian turned on music a few days ago and Drew put the laundry basket in front of the tv, got on top of it and was dancing. We stood and watched him for a good 5 minutes. He's such good entertainment. I can't wait to see the quads dance. It's silly moments like this that I look forward to.

I'm fighting spring fever bad. I am ready for cold/flu season to hit the road and bust out our bikes and head for the park. I look forward to shorts, shades, and open windows!

Time to run, Jack has just made a big stinky...and it's about to clear the room. :)


Jen said...

I am so glad your little guy is doing better, hope he gets to come home SOON!

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