Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Whip it good!

It's amazing that a 2 year old can make you do things you never imagined. Like giving them chicken nuggets and fries everyday for a week, or m&ms at 9:45 at night. Drew is super cute, but man...we are whipped! It's 9:45 right now and I can hear Drew playing fireman in his bedroom while eating those m&ms. He's talking to himself about shapes. Brian and I sit here just listening cause he is so cute and sometimes you have to pick your battles. He will eventually fall asleep.

The quads are working diligently to wrap us around their tiny little fingers. I'd say all this hospital business is defintely doing the trick. Extra bed/nap time stories by Mommy, extra head rubs from Daddy and of course lots of kisses.

I went to see Maddox today. He is looking fabulous!! He has moved to Pediatrics. He is still having severe w/d symptoms which they are treating with morphene right now. They are still deciding if they want to start him on Methodone. He's still breathing fast, having tremors, and sneezing a lot(all side effects of narcotics). They were also dragging their feet on feedings. I had them remove his NJ tube so I could try to bottle feed him. He is having a rough time with it due to the vent tubes being in his mouth for almost 3 weeks. I was able to work with him a bit after the hospitals speech therapist gave up. Apparently she didn't have the magic touch. By the time Maddox got to the last 10ml of the 25ml bottle he had the hang of it. He was going to have an NG tube placed due to his limitaions for bottle feeding. Hopefully he's going to be home before Friday.

Time to run...puking babies need cleaning.


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