Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring is here!

We welcomed spring with our four month shots today. I have to say this is a happy bad as I feel for the babies, this means cold and flu season is nearing an end. Yay!!

Drew is good. Still loves his siblings. He's been loving the warm weather and his bounce house. Kiersten; his best friend loves it too. She called him last night to tell him good night. It was super sweet.

Maddox is good. Getting stronger every day. He's still on oxygen and a feeding tube. He's doing breathing treatments along with Parker. I can't wait to have him back to normal. Until then we'll just wait for those pudgie little cheeks to return. The rest of the squad is good. They are starting to giggle. I love how they smile at me everytime I walk into their room and look in their cribs. It totally makes my day. They've been practicing rolling over and pushing up on their arms when they are on their bellies.

Brian and I are still completely exhausted, but the kids are so worth it. I had to tell myself the other day I can sleep well when the kids put me in a really good nursing home. :) Especially when Drew tells you yav you(love you) as he's walking through the house.


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