Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Friday, March 26, 2010

Who needs sleep??

Whew.....a long day it will be. We were up at 4 a.m. today for our early morning feeding. Brian had things to finish with work so he left and finished up there. I tried to lay back down and ended getting up with Maddox who thought he'd puke all over the place. Poor kiddo coughs so hard he just can't help it. Parker just isn't sleeping well so he's been up and down every little bit. Emma is sick so she is a bit fussy, and Jack...well he's out like a light!

I think I hear Drew making some noise, but I'm not sure. Spring break started today, so the neighbor girls have come over to help and play. Drew will be thrilled to see them when he wakes up. It will be interesting to see what my house looks like by the end of the me a taste of what it will look like when the quads are toddlers.

I will let you know if I manage to squeeze in a nap!


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Anonymous said...

Ohhh - super cute pics! They look like they are getting big already! The pic of Drew makes me laugh - he looks like he's in his glory! :) Take care - Happy Spring and Happy Easter!

The Ziegler's