Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bunny Hop

Hello family and friends!

Well we made our first real public outing. We've been out and about but only to doctors appointments. This time we went to visit the Easter Bunny. Drew was excited and when we arrived he didn't say more than two words. We were able to get the quads photographed too. Brian and I had to visit the bunny too. We had to giggle at all the people freaking out when they saw us walking through the mall. We even heard some lady freak out in her car with the windows up! Geesh...I didn't think we were a freak show...we just have a lot of kids. :)

Drew has been very silly lately. I think the summer like weather has him energized. Brian was able to get his JEEP up and running, he absolutely loves it. The best part is, it has reverse. We no longer need to follow him around to back him away from the fence. He has already been to the park numerous times...such a monkey. Brian and I are well entertained by him.

The quads are getting big! Parker is almost 10lbs. Jack and Emma are not far behind him. Maddox has finally hit 7lbs!! He has not had his feeding tube in over a week and his taking his bottles really well. He's still on oxygen at night and nap. He doesn't go back to the pulmonologist until Sept. so we have to keep going with the breathing treatments and oxygen until then. The babies are starting to really makes my day when they smile at me like that. Jack and Maddox are starting to scoot. Well, Jack is practically crawling. He's going to be the busy one who keeps me running. Maddox just goes in circles. Parker and Emma are taking their time, but do roll over. They are both recovering from a little virus. Well that's all the time I have for now. It's getting to be jammie time and dinner time for the squad.

We hope everyone has a safe Easter!!

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