Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Monday, April 26, 2010

It's a Freak show!

Well, Spring is here and we've decided to get out of the house more. Our usual hot spots include the park and stolling through our neighborhood. We visited the Easter Bunny a while back if you all remember. This past weekend was my birthday and Brian decided to take me on an overnight adventure without kids. It was wonderful. He also got us in to take family photos on Sunday. I was super excited. We all got new outfits and hopped in the car. You would think by now we'd be used to people starring and making an idot of themselves. People seriously freaked out. A guy in Dicks Sporting Goods said "I'm sure you have some good days...have a really good day today." The idiot said this as I was about to go into the pouring rain. Our pictures turned out ok...I'm not like OMG look at this! It's more like these are cute but.... Overall it turned out to be a wonderful birthday.

As the freak show continues...this time in our house. Drew has been in an entertaining mood. Last night he got out his sing a long ELMO and was singing into the mike and bopping around. Too cute!! The babies are doing great. We are all finally healthy. No more oxygen or feeding tubes for Maddox. No more coughs, snotty noses, gunky eyes or anything. I'm knocking on wood right now!! I don't have much more to share. It's been pretty quiet and normal here.

Hugs to all!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I have to laugh when I read updates like these! I can only imagine the weirdos you run into while out and about! You are not a freak show - you are a beautiful family! It's nice to hear that everyone is healthy and doing well! (Oh, and I want you to know that you actually said "normal" as in you are leading a normal life! Bet you never thought you would say that again!)


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