Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


The quads are five months old now. It's amazing how far they've come. All four are talking up a storm, Parker, Jack and Emma are rolling over, and all of them love to laugh. They are all weighing in between 9 and 12lbs...getting so big!

We took them yesterday for their developmental check up with a specialist. I was completely amazed at the test results. All four babies came out ahead of their adjusted age of 2 months, 9 days old. Normal scores are between 85 and 115. Anything below 85 is below average and anything above 115 is above average. The babies had nothing below 103 and went all the way upto 121. I guess circle time is most defintely a keeper in our daily schedule!

Drew was excited to play outside with Daddy yesterday. They played bouncy house for a while and then decided to go on Drew's first fishing trip. He absolutely loved it. They didn't bring home dinner so we ended up with chicken strips, ranch, and ketchup!

Brian and I have been busy as ever. He took vacation time this week and we visited his family in KY. After getting home from there we decided to clean out the house. We are partaking in this weekends neighborhood garage sale. My sister and her boyfriend Nick are graduating from IUPUI and my parents are coming down for the weekend. We couldn't be happier...the quads are sleeping through the night, and all is well!!

Hugs and happy days!

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