Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Tooth Fairy.

Well, we have two teeth! Jack and Parker got their first tooth yesterday. Maddox and Emma are still working on their first tooth. I wasn't quite sure when they would even start teething being preemies. I have been suspecting it for a bit now, but it really hadn't been too bad. Just some drooling and occasional fussiness. With Drew I thought the whole world was going to end...he was horrible. He started at three months old and got his first tooth at eight months old. Jack and Parker were over-achievers!! Luckily it was fast...I hope it all goes that way. Although Jack has had a very rough day. Poor guy...finally sleeping now.

Not much else exciting has happened. I've been busy keeping up with things around the house and playing with the kiddos. We have great fun! Drew and I made a castle last night. It was about four feet tall. He loved it, he made me get pictures. I'll have to post later...I'm a bit slow with downloading pics these days. The quads are learning how to use their exersaucers and loving them! I'm feeling better cause they're not laying on their backs or their heads all day. BALDNESS DISAPPEAR!

I guess I need to start thinking about dinner....I have no idea what we are having. At this rate I'm thinking Hamburger Helper!

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