Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Respiratory Distress!!

Well...sick kiddos again. We are nebulizing the ba-geezish out the kids. Drew, Emma and Maddox made a quick pit stop with Aunt Kim and Dr. K. Parker and Jack are joining in but without the Dr. visit. If one has it, of course they all have to have it. Soon I'll have it and then Daddy will get it too. It's almost summer...why are we getting sick???

So it's been a rough week. Drew is a maniac....he was running from the laundry room all the way to the patio door today screaming at the top of his lungs. At one point I was standing at the sink, he flew by me and went face first into the washer. He turned around and looked at me and said " bit me, I ok!" Just then he took off again. That's the kind of energy I need. Although maybe if I run into the washer face first I will have the same result...get up and go! Yesterday on the way home from the doctors office I asked Drew if he wanted a cheesebuger. He said nope..I eat boogers. I asked him if they tasted yummy and he smiled and replied "YUP!" I think I'll settle for the cheeseburger personally.

The babies are sleepy and cuddly. With them not feeling well I've been able to move some of the clothes in theit closet...they are getting so big! No more newborn stuff, on to 0-3 month clothes. It also made it a little easier for me to finish my First Steps Certification. I passed my test with flying colors and am hoping to start in the next two weeks. Will keep you posted.

This mama is fighting the weight of the eye lids and is headed to bed. Hoping for a quiet night.

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