Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Meet the Scotts!

What a week...and it's only Wednesday!

The week started out a little rough. Emma, Maddox and Drew turned out to be sick and wheezing, Emma fell off the couch and landed head first in a bouncy seat and it was HOT! On the positive side though, Jack and Parker discovered their toes, Jack decided he was going to be a full time thumb sucker, and Drew decided he was going to start taking off the babies diapers. Yes, he has learned to take off his own everytime he needs a new one and seeing as he wants to help, he has decided he will take the babies diapers off too. Such a good big brother.

We've spent a lot of time outside the last few days. It's been great, however; the house has been completely neglected. Brian finally decided he was going to clean last night. We decided it was also time to bring in the feeding table and highchair for the quads. They are such good eaters. Loved the sweet potatoes, hated squash. Carrots is our menu today! It has also pushed us into our new home search a little quicker. The feeding table doesn't fit so's making for quite the fire hazzard should we ever have one. We have a plan to go and look at a house today to see if it's a possibility. No we don't even have ours on the market yet...we are looking for a good realtor. We are going to need all the help we can get!!

More exciting news...our update on the quads from the news paper has printed!! I've tried to attach it to the update today. I do hope it works. (I think you click on the title of this post.)

Hugs to all, as I'm off to the doctor will another sick baby!

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