Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Monday, June 21, 2010


Drew has this new thing with monsters. They are appearing everywhere. First it was under his bed. Brian and I thought it was the start of some scary sleepless nights. It turns out he likes to scare them away before he crawls into bed. Then the monsters started appearing in his closet and in with his we went along with it. Today, Drew started walking backwards and said "Mommy help me, monsters are taking me away!" I had to laugh at him. His imagination is cracking me up!! There is never a dull moment in our house when Drew is home.

The quads are monsters too! Hungry little monsters that is. They can down 8 jars of food per feeding. YIKES! They're not even teens yet. This is going to get expensive. They are growning fast. Jack is showing signs of walking...his body is ready, but his little brain is not. They are almost sitting up by themselves. Maddox found his thumb today. I do believe I now have two full time thumb suckers. Parker still enjoys his fist and Emma takes whatever she can get. She's not too picky.

Our house search continues. We have found a few we really like. We still need to sell ours first. Being patient about it is the hard part. We are taking the quads on their first mini vaca. We are heading to Wisconsin for a few days. Hoping for a smooth trip! Hope to post updated pics soon. Super busy with all the stuff going on around us. The quads will be 7 months old on Saturday so hopefully I can get some new ones taken and uploaded. Well the pizza is here...gotta grub!
Love to all!!

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