Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Monday, June 28, 2010

Tiny Travelers

We made it safely to Wisconsin and back with no major meltdowns or emergencies. I was praying the quads would be good on long road trips like Drew was, boy am I one lucky girl. We didn't get out the door as early as we liked, but that's ok. We stopped and picniced under a tree with the babies half way there. We looked like we were moving! The car couldn't have fit one more thing in it anywhere.

We arrived to my parents standing in the driveway waiting for their babies. Emma and Jack were out of their carseats before I could even make it in the house. We had all sorts of visitors come and see us. Drew had a great time playing with everyone. Papa and Drew played in the pool, the babies played toys and watched the dog and Drew run around the house. They also made it out to dinner for the first time. They did great.

Now that we are home, the fun continues with our own toys, and without the hussle and bussle of all the people. The babies are quite cranky and just want to be held all day. It's been somewhat rough. On a positive note though...Jack has said mama two days in a row and they are rolling all over the place. Jack is almost rolling from room to room, and everyone else has just figured out how to get from back to front.

Drew is in need of some attention, so I need to run. After all, daddy is at work making him monies for his piggy bank. :)


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