Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Monday, June 14, 2010


Wow, I feel like its been forever and a day since I've posted! Ok, maybe a week...but a lot has happened in that small amount of time. We have moved a majority of things to storage and painted some of the rooms in our house. We've looked online at some homes and have begun the whole financing process. I have nothing to hide, but yet I'm so scared. It's only money right??

Drew is still cracking me up. Two weeks ago he wanted to take the babies back, on Saturday he said "Mommy, we can't leave babies...they cry!" Hahahaha. He is very attached to Daddy's job lately. He always goes to the front door and if Brian's truck isn't in the driveway he tells me, "Daddy at work, make me money, put in piggy bank." Makes me laugh everytime!! He loves riding in Daddy's truck...boys and their toys!!

The quads are great. Learning new things every day. Parker is such a chatter box, Emma is chill for now, Jack is quite the thumb sucker, and Maddox is a mommy hog. He loves to cuddle. All four are almost sitting on their own. Jack is starting to roll all over the house. Parker got in his way today and stopped him from rolling into the dinning room. They are about to make their first trip to Wisconsin...they are ready. Ready to cuddle with Grandma and Papa.

I hear cries of hunger, so that means time for bottles. Possibly a chocolate milk sippy for Drew, and a glass for mommy. Jammie time too!

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