Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Just another day!

Well, we have teeth, we got shots today, and we have moved the potty! Yes, Drew has decided to move his potty to the living room so he can play MarioKart while using the potty. Usually I'd be against this, but I've already lost my sanity due to all the crying. This was a way to keep the peace. Other than feeding the babies my only other tasks to complete will be sweeping the floors and bath time. I haven't quite figured out how to tackle bath with five children alone yet. Drew gets into everything while I'm doing things with the babies and he loves bath...he's going to look like a rasin if I let him take an hour bath! This could be interesting.

Tomorrow we are taking a field trip. Going to visit my co-workers and students at school. Then tomorrow night we are going to Marshall to visit Grandma Susan and Papa Jack. It will be good to get out of the house. Well, cranky babies are yelling, time to go!

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Kimberly & Alex said...

Ahh yes, bathing 5 babies alone is quite a chore! I try to do it as least a possible (alone that is), but even with my husband and I it's still alot of work. You will get a system down that works for you. Hang in there!