Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Monday, May 10, 2010

This little piggy!

This little Drew piggy loves sweet tea.
This little Maddox piggy is a happy cereal eater.
This little Parker piggy you can't feed fast enough.
This little Emma piggy licks the spoon before opening her mouth.
This little Jack piggy tries to laugh while taking a bite.
They went chomp chomp chomp all the way home!

Yes, you've guessed it...WE ARE EATING CEREAL. It's not because they were ready for it, but the Developmental Dr suggested we try it to help with reflux. The babies love it!! It's a new challenge for Brian and me trying to feed all four at once.

It was a busy weekend. Grandma and Papa Stanek came for the weekend and Aunt Corky (Stacy) graduated from IUPUI. The babies got a lot of attention and showed off their smarts. It was a blast. Brian and I also participated in the neighborhood garage sale. We sold a little over half of all the newborn clothes the babies grew out of already. Over all a success for my garage space!! NEED STORAGE BADLY!!! :)

Well this is short, and so are babies tempers tonight.

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Marianne said...

Oh, Sara, they are beautiful!!!! I can't believe how far they've come! And this post was too cute! Kuddos for creativity :)

Best wishes to you and the gang, I hope things continue to roll smoothly!

Marianne (the nicu volunteer)