Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A day in the life of quads!

Well, it's Saturday and I thought I would take you on a quick journey of a day in our house.

The babies are almost sleeping through the night. We get up around 4am for a feeding and go back to bed. We get up again between 7 and 8 for another feeding. Most of the time we all go back to bed, but there are those days when we do stay up. Today we all slept until 10am!! Parker crawled in bed with me around 8:30 and thats where we slept. Daddy crawled on the couch and when I got up him and Emma were sitting face to face smiling at each other. That's Daddy's little princess.

Drew got up and him and I went and got some Fruit Loops with chocolate milk. We love it soooooo much! After we finished breakfast he helped me get the quads dressed. By then it was a little after 11am. I went and made bottles while Daddy and Drew played. Brian and I fed the babies and Drew watched Snow White. Brian got ready for work and Drew played Lucky Ducks. As Brian was leaving Drew and I had to stand at the front door honking back at him. It's our daily ritual when we are home and awake when Brian leaves for work.

After Brian left Drew and I decided it was time to clean. We vacuumed first. When we vacuum Drew and I have to play trains. He has a Thomas flashlight that looks like the one on the vacuum and we crash into each other. It makes vacuuming fun and interesting. We also mopped the floors, scrubbed counters, did dishes then made lunch. It is now 2:30pm and we are sitting down before a nap and the next feeding for the quads. They have managed to sleep between this feeding. Although Jack and Maddox have just awakened and are now playing on the floor together.

It's a busy day, but when you can incorporate your toddler into the chores to make it fun and your babies are all sleeping or playing together on the floor it makes it quite managable. It's now nap time for Drew and time for me to go make some bottles and change babies. We're heading to the park tomorrow for Aunt Stacy's birthday...hope to post some pictures later.


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