Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's a Snotty World!

After a few months of cleaning boogers out of noses and no improvement from Drew's nose Brian and I made the decision to have him tested for allergies. It was a rough test and Drew was a trooper. Test results came back positive for a few things. It turns out Drew is allergic to cats, maple, hickory, elm, and oak trees, along with grass and pigweed. I was completely wasn't shocked. I got rid of our cat almost a year ago and Drew never had any symptoms. We didn't have many trees around our old house, but in our new neighborhood they are everywhere. We have a huge yard so that makes total sense when Brian cuts the grass. At least now we are on a trial run of some new meds. The doctor sees Drew again in four weeks to see how he's responding to the meds. Hopefully we won't be picking and wiping boogers forever.

In fun news, we've continued our hot summer playing in the pool and sandbox. I let the kids run in the spinkler last night in their clothes. Parker of course loved it. Emma was a little unsure. She would run through it then head to the sandbox and play for a few then back to the sprinkler. Maddox and Jack are going to need a few more runs through the water. They have warmed up to the pool and swimming idea, but that took almost two weeks. Brian is on vacation in two weeks so the fun will continue more then as we take a road trip!

Looking forward to a playdate tomorrow with a good friend from high school and her kids. It's going to be fun. :)

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