Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Monday, June 6, 2011

Projects Around the House.

As some of you know we've had many projects going on all at once. We had basement flooding about two or three months ago which prompted these projects. We ended up having to rip out the endtire basement (which wast completely finished) and have it dried out. Brian decided to put it back together himself. It's been a slow job, but he's doing a wonderful job. It's about 3/4 done! He's hoping to have it done in the next two weeks. :)

We also decided it was time to ditch the rotten deck that came off our patio doors. We are enjoying our new poured concrete patio; which will be stamped and stained in the next couple of weeks. We got some new patio furniture and a new pool for the kids. Maddox and Jack don't care too much for the pool, but Emma and Parker along with Drew are like swimming fish!

I've also decided it was time to start getting rid of the hideous flat paint in our house. I started Emmas room a few weeks ago with some left over paint from the old house. It was light purple....a paint tinting error by Sherwin Williams. I painted three of her bedroom walls purple and left one wall the color it was before. I ended up getting the same color in a satin and painted the wall in that. I then put the same green in the kids bathroom. It's alien green! Like the ailiens in Toy the decor in there is Toy Story!! I also painted the master bedroom. It too is a color we had in our old house. So I've just painted three rooms and bought new curtains and a rod for the price of $25! SA-WEET! I'm thinking the basement will be next, as Brian gets it put back together. I have some ideas...this is gonna take a minute as it's a big space, and I have to paint base boards.

So far we are enjoying summer break. No big trips yet. Maybe a road trip to Grandma and Papa's in Wisconsin in the near future. Just planning on relaxing in the backyard for the summer.


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Bev Johnston said...

You guys have done a TON of work! Do you ever sleep??? The house looks great and your backyard is amazing!