Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bringing up the Rear!

While I was pregnant the babies were always labeled in the same order. Baby "A"-boy Maddox, Baby "B"-boy Parker, Baby "C"-boy Jack, Baby "D"-girl Emma. When they were born Emma came out third and became baby "C" and Jack became baby "D". I always have joked that Emma didn't want to be the last one out. I'm thinking now; almost two years later...that it's just the oppoiste. Thinking back to NICU days, Jack was the last one out of his incubator, last to bottle feed, usually last to be visited as he was at the last tree pod. He has been first to roll, crawl, and graduate from therapy, but I think he likes to make sure everyone is safe. He is always last in the morning for diapers and getting dressed, last for bath, and last going up and down the stairs. I guess he might fall under the saying of Ricky Bobby "If you aint first, you last!" Ha.

I've started another project! Brian cleaned out the garage this week in hopes to find our missing baby gate parts and the paint that is in our living room. Somehow Drew got the impression that it was ok to scale the wall to fling himself over the back of the couch. :) Now I have walls that look "decorated" and disgusting. I don't think he found either of those items. So we moved onto painting Drew's room. He's obsessed with green and wanted a green room. I dredded it! So we've come to a compromise of 3 green walls and 3 brown walls to make it look like a baseball diamond to go with his bedding. I finished the brown today and so far so good. He did pick a vibrant green so we will see! I'm a little nervous.

I hate change, and always get nervous. I will post some pictures when it's done. I have to work the next three days so wont get to it until Wednesday or Thursday. Enjoy the beginning of the week.

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