Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Monday, August 22, 2011

Our First....

day of Preschool for Drew was great. He colored a green raccoon and stayed in the lines for the most part. It's sooooo cute. He said he met lots of friends, had snack, and did calendar. I'm sure they were busy as can be. We woke up pretty early and the quads were not too happy about it. Surprisingly we got no argument from Drew. The squad most defintely showed their cranky side this evening from that early wake up call. The can all sleep in tomorrow while I head off to work.

YUP, mama is back to work. Week two of the school year and all is drama! I thought once or twice in high school you out grow drama, but man it never ends!! It wasn't as tough to get back into the routine as I thought it would be. Maybe because I worked a little through the summer. Looking forward to a fun school year.

This past weekend we took the kids to the St. Vincent Annual NICU Reunion. Since we are NICU graduates we thought we would go and visit the quads very "FIRST" best friends. Our NICU nurses were the best. Amber, Karrie, Karla, and Jen you girls are amazing for watching over our sweet babies while they were there, and taking care of Brian and I when we had ups and downs. We were able to see our high risk OB while we were there along with many of our multiples friends and some of our other quad family friends. It's amazing how normal we looked and felt seeing families who are just like us!

Other firsts this week are jumping off the couch, climbing up on the fireplace, saying "love you" and the squad singing "Elmo's World" from tv. LOVE MY LIFE!!!

<3 Sara

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