Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Our First State Fair Trip

After last week we needed an escape. Brian thought it would be fun to go to the Indiana State Fair. So after nap we loaded up and headed to the fair. It was so much fun and so educational. We saw cows and mooed at them for a few minutes, saw the arts and crafts building and goofed off in there. We rode some rides and played a few games. Drew went on his first roller coaster and loved it! He threw some darts and popped a balloon to win a frog. The quads loved the fair and all the people. They are quite people watchers. They were able to experience a root beer float and see a rainbow.

Rewinding to continue from my last post about me. I have talked with my PCP and gotten great news. It's not a tumor! It's ureathral diverticulitis. Most of the time it requires surgery, but they feel that it's small enough I don't need it removed. I'm so relieved. Now isn't really a good time of the year to take time out for surgery! Now, let me tell you all about the doctor who first diagnosed me. He called last Tuesday within an hour of my CT scan and said I had a tumor. Two days went by and I thought I would call my good friend Kim. I told her and she did some digging. So I went on Monday for my follow up with Dr. Dumb. First I arrive to find his nurse didn't put me on the schedule. The nurse and his secretary question me about how I feel and what I had heard. What happened to patient confidentiality?? I get called back and wait. I told Dr. dumb what I thought it was. He recalled nothing of what he told me on the phone, and then admitted he didn't see the diverticulitis in the scan. He flipped through some papers and said well I guess the radiologist picked up on it and I just missed it. So I immediately grabbed my purse and left. At this point I had enough information to make an informed decision. DON'T GO BACK! My PCP said I should be feeling better soon, and I already do.

Hoping for a fabulous finish to the week, it's back to work for me on Monday.

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Anonymous said...

Yay!!!! That's great news Sara! I've been praying for your everyday so this is a huge relief.

PS - I love all the new photos on the side of the blog - SUPER cute!