Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Success and Failure

We made it through Drew's first day of Kindergarten. Brian took him to school and walked him into the building. Drew was super excited. When I picked him up he talked the whole way home. He even admitted he was tired. :) He said he learned to say "Hello" and "Good-bye" in Spanish. He got to see his BFF's Conner and Margaret. He played at recess and loved lunch time in the cafeteria. He is willing to go back for day 2!! As for Parker, he's been in class for a week now and still is flip flopping between going and not going. His teacher is very nice, I think it's a drastic change and he's still trying to adjust. We've had a fun and busy last week or so. Drew went to the East coast with my parents, Brian put the tube slide on our new jungle gym and is now almost finished with the second tower, we went to the Indiana State Fair and the quads had their first ever ferris wheel ride (they loved it), the kids all had their first soccer practice for the season(I failed miserably at this one), and we've started homeschooling. Drew loved the beach with my parents. He came home and told me his favorite part was watching my mom dig in the sand for their sand castle. My poor mom...she was a trooper. But Drew is her buddy and that's Nana's job! We spent over eight hours at the State Fair on Monday. We went first of all because Brian loves fair food and second it was wrist band day. The squad rode rides until the sun went down!! We were able to take them on their very first ferris wheel ride. We rode Jack's favorite: the carousel, Maddox loved the bees. Emma and Drew liked the Dizzy Dinosaur and Parker was just giddy about it all. We saw the largest pig.....boy that's a lot of BACON! That excited Drew because he loves bacon. Tonight we had soccer practice for the whole crew. It turns out that I am totally dingy when it comes to directions to practice. Drew completely missed practice and the quads made it to the last 10 minutes of practice. Parker and Jack dove right in and loved it. Emma and Maddox shut down and laid on the field to spectate. Seriously....they both laid in the middle of the practice field. Both coaches seem really nice and forgiving, so I'm hoping I don't get labeled as the "mom who is irresponsible". I'm also hoping Saturday's games go well. Since Drew and Parker go to school, we decided to homeschool Jack, Emma and Maddox. It's going better than hoped. Maddox is struggling fine motor and gross motor wise. We decided to have him referred for OT and PT. He starts with a new OT on Monday. She is great. He responded to her well during testing. We are still waiting on PT to evaluate him, but he is toe walking, has some other things going on that are raising some red flags. Emma and Jack are doing great. They do great with seat work, are able to recognize about half of their alphabet and all three of the kids can identify their numbers, colors, shapes, names, and do great at circle time. We've slowly introduced working with a mouse on the computer. This is an area where I need to learn patience. Overall though, I'm doing better than I thought!! I will try to post pictures from soccer next week. Pray we all survive!!

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Stephanie said...

I love reading all the stories you have to share about your family! You do a great job and I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award! Keep up the great work!