Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Daddy's Little Pumpkin!

Tonight Daddy and Drew carved pumpkins. Drew was very hesitant at first, but dove right in after a few minutes. He did a very good job helping and supervising. He tried to roll one of the pumpkins like a ball. It rolls quite well! To divert his attention to something else, we practiced saying "Trick or Treat!" You can most certainly hear the "treat" part. At least we still have a week to practice it. After Daddy finished both pumpkins, we took them outside to light them up. Of course you always should do a test run. Drew was very excited to see them all lit up. Wait until he sees them on Halloween and gets a bucket full of candy!

Daddy's other little pumpkins are doing great. Mommy feels very good and relaxed. They are busy throwing a Halloween party in Mommy's belly. We have an appointment in the morning to check on them, so we will update you on their progress tomorrow.

Brian, Sara, and Drew

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