Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Saturday, October 24, 2009

My first show and tell!

Drew had his very first show and tell yesterday at school. The color of the week was white, the letter "w", the number of the week was 10, and the shape was oval. He had to wear the color of the week and bring something to share that was white, or started with "w". Drew decided to take "B" his white bear. They have a lot in common. They have the same bedtime, share the same bed, and both like kisses and hugs.

Aunt Stacy got to pick Drew up from school and they played all night. They like to play with Tigger and run around in circles. It was the first night in about two weeks that she didn't have a "beep, beep" thrown at her. It's a good thing she's tough.

Today Grandma Susan is here to play with Drew. They too are running circles around Tigger. He seems to be a very popular and cheap toy.
Tigger- $2
Food/engery for Drew- $5
Laughing at Drew and Grandma- PRICELESS!

At least we know Grandma and Drew will both sleep good tonight!

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