Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Under the weather and the water!

Well, we couldn't avoid cold and flu season. Drew came down with cough, sniffles, and one yukky ear infection. One trip to the doctor and to CVS for some antibiotics and we are on the road to recovery. As Drew recovers from being sick, Mommy and Daddy try to recover from sleepless evenings with him. It's amazing how you go, go, go and then crash from not sleeping.

Drew also has a new found hobby. As much as Mommy wanted to think we were past this stage, we have found he LOVES playing in the toilet! He loves to help with dishes, so he always gets a chair to stand on and he helps rinse and put dishes in the drying rack. Hoping that would take the pleasure out of playing in the was Mommy wrong!! At least we can say he's not afraid to use it.

The quads are good, Mommy is uncomfortably hanging in there. Hemoglobin levels are low so we start infusions to raise them on Thursday morning. We go for five, one hour infusions in the next two weeks. We get to tour the NICU this week as well. It will make us feel better about having to leave them there for the first few weeks. Although, I'm sure neither of us will rest comfortably until they are all home....and in that case until they are about 25 years old!!

Brian, Sara, and Drew


Debbie Mowrey said...

Dear Sara,

I hope things go well for you on Thursday. Darlene was sick last week with Bronchitis and is now starting to feel better--Oh well, she got to spend her birthday with me instead of on campus and working! I hope Drew is better soon!

I will keep you and the quads in my prayers.

Take Care,

Debbie Mowrey

The Murray Crew said...

We continue to keep you in our prayers! Let me know if I can do ANYTHING! I'm just a phone call/text/email away! We are rooting for you and love your sweet babies already!