Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Thursday, October 29, 2009

We are impressed!

Welcome to week 25 of Sara's pregnancy!! The babies are doing wonderful in there. It is such a hodge podge of body parts. But like Brian says, it's 16 limbs, 8 eyes, 4 brains, and 80 fingers/toes!! It's crazy when you think about it. Sara is doing well. Feeling tired, but good.

While we were at the hospital today for an infusion for anemia, we were allowed to tour the NICU. It was very cool. We are very confident that the babies will be well taken care of in there. We also met with one of the neonatologists. She answered all of our questions, and said she would meet with us again just before the babies were born to discuss risks for the babies. While we were in the NICU we got to see a set of twins. It was amazing at how small they were. Even for 34-35 weeks gestation. We are both excited to see the babies, but hope they stay in the oven as long as they can. Daddy is really ready...he already put the car seats in the car!!

Drew seems to be feeling better today. He has his Halloween party tomorrow at school. He will have a wonderful time. Daddy is planning on taking him trick or treating on Saturday, Mommy is excited! Need to charge the battery in the camera....Mommy is a photo freak!

Brian, Sara, and Drew

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