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Beach Fun

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Have you kissed anyone's boo boo today??

Being a single parent is hard. Brian and I have both been in this position off and on now over the last two years. The older your children get, the harder it is. As we all know toddlers are so unpredictable. Punishing children makes you feel guilty, having food thrown everywhere makes you angry, and when they get boo boo's you feel sad.

How do you make the boo boo's better? For some it's cookies, and for others, they need kisses. For Drew, it's BOTH! In the Scott house, keeping cookies is a challenge, maybe more so than being a single parent for a short period of time. Drew gets a lot of boo boo's, and while we tend to feel sad and run for the kisses and cookies, it is ONE OF THE MOST REWARDING FEELINGS. It shows the love we all have for each other. This is how Brian and I have survived our short bouts of single parenting...kissing each other's boo boo's to show the love!

Have you kissed anyone's boo boo today?

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Daniel said...

When I was a kid, I would act like the smallest of boo boo's killed me, so my dad would always say something along the lines of "oh your finger hurts, how bout' I hurt another one so you will forget about the pain of that one/?/" or if I wasn't getting my way, he'd say "for every tear you cry into my hand, I will give you a dollar!" My kids can't stand when I use them, but I'm sure they'll do the same to theirs someday. :o)