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Beach Fun

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Welcome to chaos!

Sorry it has been a few days since we've updated the blog. Sara went into preterm labor and was admitted to the hospital. She will stay until the babies are born. We hope that won't be for at least another 7-9 weeks. The doctors and staff were able to get things slowed and under control after a long 24 hours of contractions and pain.

She is at St Vincent Women's Hospital in Indianapolis and feeling much better today. The babies are doing great. Mommy is on total bed rest, but is very spoiled there. She has great company in the staff, room service, internet, and visitors. Drew is unable to visit due to H1N1 restrictions, but we video each other every night to say hi. Mommy misses him very much and Drew misses Mommy.

We want to say Thank you to everyone for your prayers. We couldn't be more blessed to have friends and family like you! We will keep everyone posted on the progress of babies and Mommy as well as Drew and Daddy who are living large as Bachelors at home!

Hugs and Kisses to all!!
Brian, Sara, and Drew
(Babies Maddox, Parker, Jack and Emma).


Anonymous said...

Scott Family~

The Ziegler's are praying for all of you! Sara, you are in a wonderful place where they will take awesome care of you and the babies! Hang in there mama! Drew and daddy - enjoy being bachelors - it's going to be a circus when all those babies come home!!!

Peace and Love,

Chris, Tonya, Kylie and baby

Anonymous said...

Scott Family,

Lexi, Doug and I will keep praying for all of you. Please keep us posted as we love you dearly! your sis....elle

Anonymous said...

You are in my prayers as well--if you like I can add you to my church's prayer chain. Let me know. Debbie