Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Just breathe....

Drew made it to Elmo's World!! Grandma said at one point during the show she had to make sure Drew was still breathing. He had a wonderful time. He sang and danced and of course brought home a ballon and a light up toy. Drew also enjoyed Big Bird, Ernie, and Cookie. The rest of the crew was there, but those were some of his favorites.

Mommy is dong ok. We've had a few rough days with kidney stones and contractions. Mommy needed to make sure she was breathing as well. The babies are measuring well, and fluid levels, while not at their best are ok for having four in there. We will keep you updated on the progress of the kidney stone. As for the babies TOMORROW is the first goal for them. YAY!!! Only 35 more days to go until our next goal(33 weeks).

Daddy is doing great. He has been working with Drew on his Christmas program songs. Charge the video camera, cause Mommy can't wait to see it!! Thanksgiving lunch was served at school today, Daddy went and shared lunch with Drew. Boy was it delicious.
Gobble Gobble!!

Brian, Sara, and Drew

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Anonymous said...

Babies were born yesterday afternoon. They were from 2 lbs 11 oz to 3 lbs even. They are so tiny. I am sure Mama Sara will be posting more as soon as she is feeling better. Keep them all in your prayers.
Grandma Susan