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Beach Fun

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Filling the tank!

The quads doctors and nurses referred to blood tranfusions as "filling the tank" today. It took everything I had not to laugh. As funny as it sounds, it's very scary. A lot of things are beginning to work on their own normally in the babies bodies. They are miracle babies and proving to be strong and smart. They are all still stuggling a little bit with apnea (remembering to breathe) from time to time. Their bodies are not quite producing enough red blood cells to carry oxygen to important places. When their blood count is low, they tend to have more apnea; having blood transfusions help raise the blood count level and more oxygen gets where it needs to go.

Our quad squad will be a month old this how time flies! They will have their first vision test, their first set of shots, and a birthday. Drew will also have a birthday this week. Two years old! I feel like I brought him home yesterday. It's been an amazing journey as a parent, and I feel blessed to have a wonderful family.

We are ready for Santa (or Ho Ho as Drew calls him). HEHEHE. I just giggle everytime I hear him talk about Santa. Drew is going to get some neat things and Daddy can't wait. I think Daddy is more excited than Drew is. I guess it's understandable...Daddy put Drew's train table together three weeks ago! I'm very surprised Drew hasn't bothered it. It's been sitting under a bed sheet in our dinning room. I didn't get a chance to ask Santa for anything...although I think I'd like a new washer and dryer(badly needed!!) Three hours to dry clothes is getting a bit ridiculous, a gigantic house for the babies), and the trash man to come more than once this week. My house exploded in things I'm throwing out!!

I'll keep you all posted on the vision test for babies, I'm sure they'll do great.

Merry Christmas!!


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Scott Family and Happy Birthday to Drew and the babies!!! We are happy to hear that things are going well and hope that you all have a safe and healthy holiday season!

Peace and Love,
Tha Ziegler Family

Kimberly & Alex said...

i just love that pic of the babies - how adorable!
Merry Christmas! i'm sure drew will love the train table...and daddy too.