Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Santa's little helpers!

It's been a big week for the quads. They all got to meet each other for the first time since they were born. Mommy and Daddy were thrilled to be able to hold all four at the same time. They all really seemed to like cuddling together. All four of them were also introduced to JAMMIES! Preemie clothes are still quite large on them, but they are super cute in them. Since then, Mommy has been holding two babies at once. They love to look at each other and cuddle. It's amazing to see their progress, and how fast they are meeting little milestones already.

Drew has been having a blast with Nama and Papa this week. They are here visiting and playing hard!! He's been able to take a break from school and sleep in. It's one of his favorite things to do. Just like Daddy!! Nama and Aunt Stacy are going to make ELMO cupcakes for Drew's birthday. We are going to celebrate a little bit early this year. One of his presents arrived via UPS today...we can't wait to play with it(pictures to come later).

Daddy has been busy with work. Working hard with Christmas next week. We miss him! Drew told Brian last night "I wove you Daddy". It was so adorable and sweet. Mommy is feeling pretty good. A few more tests to go through this week with the kidney and the bladder. Hoping to have good news from those tests.

Hugs to all!
Brian, Sara, Drew, Maddox, Parker, Emma, and Jack.


Anonymous said...

Yeah Scott Family!! We are so happy to hear of everyone's progress this week. Real clothes - how awesome is that!!! Those babies will be home before you know it and then you'll be juggling cuddle time with 4 babies and big brother Drew! (You might need a bigger lap!) We'll keep the prayers coming!!

Peace and Love,

The Ziegler Family

QuatroMama said...

"Auntie Jen" looooooooves you all! =)

We're praying and rooting for you all, little ones!

Anonymous said...

Wow, how sweet they all look in their Santa hats. You both look great holding all those little ones. I'm so glad they are doing better! We are still praying for everyone!